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Yosh, memorable scene edisi kali ini adalah adegan yang paling saya suka dari film Jepang berjudul Instant Numa (2009) yang disutradarai oleh Miki Satoshi (Adrift in Tokyo, Turtles Swim Faster than Expected). Ini adalah adegan pembuka dari film ini, dan adegan ini langsung menarik perhatian saya karena adegannya berlangsung dengan cepat. Adegan ini menggambarkan keseharian dari tokoh utama film ini, yaitu Jinchoge Haname yang diperankan dengan sangat baik oleh Aso Kumiko, lengkap dengan narasi yang disuarakan oleh karakter yang sama. Selain unik, adegan ini juga menurut saya sangat tepat untuk menggambarkan karakteristik Haname, seorang perempuan yang tidak bisa memulai harinya tanpa secangkir Milo Sludge (yang bikin adegan ini sepintas keliatan kayak CM/iklan televisi :D). Well, ini dia adegannya:

Instant Numa (Japan, 2009)

Karena gak ada subtitle di videonya, jadi saya sertakan juga narasinya:

“I awake each morning thinking,”Today’s the day!” And go to bed disappointed. The day starts early in the city. But not for me, Haname Jinchoge. Mine begins with a cup of Milo sludge. The rooster used to crow at dawn. Now dawn comes when the rooster crows. Fools enter the workforce as fools. Where we’re manhandled and manipulated. With little rest. I wanna scream! I wanna scream! Should I lose control? Or seek order? Lose control? Or seek order? Either way. I’m off to work. I try to quit. But… I’m powerless. So I bury myself in the job. And…get ridiculed for it. Another monotone day…in a monochrome life. I need some color.Hey! Some drama. A touch of danger. Not really. I long to stray from the beaten path. But alas, my life’s dull and for the birds. That said, even they take exception. Just run! That’s the message in a lot of independent movies. But it doesn’t work in real life. Who cares? Just run! I’m tired of fighting over men. Love shouldn’t have to be such a crap shoot. That’s a ‘crap squat’. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean I’m happy doing nothing. All I need is a spoonful of happiness and 10 spoonfuls of Milo. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9… Oops, 10. Mixed with 12cc’s of milk. Stir to get ‘Milo sludge’. There’s no other name for it! Let’s leave aside the question of “Why Milo sludge”? And simply say I’ve drunk it since I was 3. A day without Milo is a day without “Milo sludge”. Even so…it’s not the end of the world. Tomorrow is another day. Good morning. I can’t tell the world what to do. But I can start my day with Milo sludge.”

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